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Paty patty casero culona


Y aunque no siempre ser la de siempre, nunca lo dudes Te Amo, para enamorarnos basta tan solo querer. 3 Solo edit After the split, Paty started to write songs for her debut album, having 54 songs 4 before selecting the final. 8 needs update She also announced in her MySpace that her debut album will have a reedition which include new tracks like Mueca de Papel written by Billy from Motel, Casi Divas featuring Alfonso Pichardo, lead singer from Moenia and Mi Amor Destruye featuring Ballesteros.

Ooo Basta tan solo querer, para reencontrarnos da con da otra vez. Un instructivo de mi Uno no soy de las que quiere que alguien las salve tal vez soy fragil pero nunca cobarde y cuando me equivoco pido perdn, soy complicada y dificil aveces, dos veces me he enamorado. After various reeditions from their first album, and a sophomore one called "lbum it was announced on August 27, 2007 that Mario and Paty parted ways due to artistic ideas, giving their last concert on October in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

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